Benefits of Remedial Massage


The remedial massage refers to the systematic assessment and treatment if the ligaments, tendons, connective tissues, and muscles of the body to help in the injury, pain, and rehabilitation management. It is familiar with the sportsmen and women. It is a holistic treatment which works for the whole body and improves the total health of the body, not just the part that is being treated. Freedom Chinese Medicine is resourceful in the benefits of the remedial massage. Let us now explore the benefits of the remedial massage.

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Back pain relief and recovery

One of the advantages of the remedial massage is the back pain relief and recovery. The back and neck pains are bjkplkgcommon of late because of the poor posture that people take when working or sleeping. It usually lasts for several months and years. However, the remedial massage can offer relief for individuals suffering from such ailments.

The treatment is usually focused on the reduction of the symptoms and helping the patient to get back to the full functional recovery. The recent medical research has shown that the remedial massage is a more efficient method of addressing the back and neck pain as compared to the standard medical intervention.

Reduces stress and anxiety

Cases of depression, anxiety, and stress are very common in the modern day and time. This can be attributed to the high cost of living which makes people work hard so as to put food on their table. One of the proven benefits of the remedial massage is the reduction of the pain.
Individuals who experience little or no pains are known to sleep without interruptions at night. Their sleeping pattern is regular. The absence of pain also relaxes the mind and therefore reduces the incidences of stress, depression, and anxiety.

Other benefits

The remedial massage has many other advantages. Some of these benefits include the reduced joint pain. Improved blood circulation, reduced stress and anxiety, reduction in the muscle tension, improved oxygenation of the muscles and the soft tissues, and better sleep, just but to mention a few.


hghghghghgIt is recommended to consult with your treating consultant before having the remedial massage if you have had the pre-existing medical condition. This will ensure that the massage therapist is fully informed of your situation as he might be required to make individual reservations.
In most cases, the massage therapist might not necessarily be qualified medical doctors. This, therefore, calls for care when undergoing diagnosis.

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