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Treating Anxiety With Nootropics

Nootropics are supplements, which are used to help with cognitive ability, repair brain damage, and increasing memory. Usually, damaging results from either neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and aging. The good thing about nootropics is that they can have a positive impact on your mood.

Types of nootropics

These types of supplementtg3werdf6y3wedu238eiu292s have had a lot of success in helping patients with anxiety problems. In fact, they help people feel relaxed, eliminate social anxiety, and improve their skills. Nowadays, there are several nootropics currently on the market. In this post, you will learn how they are used to treat anxiety. The brain has several neurotransmitters, which transmit signals from a given part of the brain to the other. One of them is known as GABA or the gamma-aminobutyric acid. Anxiety has been known to be caused by several factors. Deficiency of GABA in the brain  is one of the factors.

It is important to note that this neurotransmitter is produced by a chemical known as glutamate. When its levels are low, the nerve cells begin to be more active and continue firing off signals quicker than they should. When the case is not severe, you can suffer from seizures and nervousness.

One of the best nootropics that can be used to relieve anxiety is Phenibut. However, you are discouraged from using it on a daily basis. The supplement can easily get into the blood that goes to the brain and thereby activating GABA-b receptors. This makes a person to relax. Thus, it is a great nootropic, but it has its side effects when used for extended periods. It is used as a common presciption medicine across the world.

Racetam nootropics

This is anogt23wed6fy23w7eu28i2ther top supplement group that can be used to regulate mood.  A good example is Aniracetam that is used in treating anxiety and stress. This is becuase it activates receptors, which control glutamate in the brain. This means that ingesting aniracetam has a great effect on GABA. This product has been documented in several studies and trials. In fact, it has been found to increase focus and communication and diminish social anxiety.


This is quite similar to racetam nootropics. In fact, it is the most powerful nootropic currently on the market. Some reports have noted its effectiveness with a lot of mixed reactions. Some have rated it highly and others do not believe that it has a great effect for them. It works by stimulating receptors, which control glutamate production.