Features of Massage Chairs


Technology is a wonderful thing when employed for the benefit of everyday consumers. Among the Top Massage Chairs, one particular product that is advancing rapidly to serve us is robotic massage chairs. These tireless mechanical masseuses can perform hundreds of variations of massages for the whole body. Let us take a look at some of the most advanced features being integrated into today’s top massage chairs.


Roller Massage Mechanism

Some different mechanical roller designs are being utilized. Most have a two or four roller arm design. These rollers move in tandem and provide for a series of different massage movements like chopping and kneading.

Air Massage Systemgvrf3e5dt62t72u82i9oa0

Many manufacturers are integrating air massage systems into their recliners. These systems used compressed air to inflate specially designed airbags. The flexibility of this technology allows the airbags to be contoured to different parts of the body. These are especially effective for massaging the larger muscles of the body.

Reflexology Massage

This style of massage is very relieving for the feet as well as the entire body. Foot airbags are used to squeeze and compress the feet. Specially designed reflexology plates are used to push up into the soles of the feet. These target different trigger points which help to relax the major organs of the body.

Heat Therapy: The application of heat is commonly found in sports therapy. Now many of these advanced recliners have integrated heating systems. This enables the user to target heat to specific areas of the body. Heat is known to reduce swelling and to enhance blood flow.

Music Therapy

A massage therapy must appeal to all your various senses. One of the most important is sound. The top massage chair manufacturers have integrated MP3 music players with headphones for your relaxation pleasure. This helps to distract the mind from its problems and allow it to release its tension being held over the body.


A very popular type of massage is shiatsu. This kind of massage originated in Japan. It uses a variety of techniques to deliver a full body massage treatment. Some technologies are employed to detect your individual acupoints and then target them with the massage program. The targeting of these acupoints is much more accurate than that of human massage therapists.

Stretching Systems

One of the new technologies evolving in these advanced recliners is stretching systems. Now many of these chairs have the ability to yh36etd62t72yu82i92o0stretch out different parts of the body. These systems either target stretching the legs or stretching the shoulders and back.

Vibration Systems

The first massage chairs were simply vibration enhanced chairs. Vibration is superb at penetrating deeply through the muscles and soft tissue areas. Many massage chairs make use of vibration in strategic areas to provide relief.

These are some of the most important features being advanced in today’s robotic massage chairs.

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