Mosquito Repellent Ideas

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A lot of mosquitoes will come out around dusk although there are some ranges, such as the Asian Tiger Mosquito, which will hunt you down all day. These pesky flying bugs are not just a problem, but can likewise position a health risk if they happen to be a provider of a virus, such as West Nile virus. All is not lost though; there are several natural defenses you can utilize versus these intruders. Mosquito 11

Control the Mosquito Habitat

All mosquitoes need a source of water. Mosquitoes go through 4 phases of development, the egg, the larval, and pupal stage. All three phases need water to grow in. The 4th and last, the adult female mosquito, needs a standing source of water to lay her eggs in, therefore repeating the cycle of mosquito breeding.

Eliminate all sources of standing water in your backyard, whether it be an old bucket, tin can, infamous puddle location from sprinklers, anywhere a mosquito can lay eggs. Most mosquitoes will certainly stay near their reproducing environment once they become adults, and the last thing you want to do is promote them to hang out in your backyard.

Mosquito Repellents

There are some mosquito repellents you can acquire for outside use. Products with DEET are effective, however, can cause skin and eye irritations for some. There are many more natural mosquito repellents that are DEET-free, these are popular in the US and uses a Lemon Eucalyptus base, is a great option to DEET.

Mosquito 10Whichever repellent you use, applying it to your skin and clothes can be practical in discouraging mosquitoes from landing on you and sequentially biting you. This works for individual defense, but not for a group, especially if somebody in the group has not applied any repellent to themselves.

Citronella candles can be made use of effectively in a group scenario, producing a smell that will help keep the mosquitoes far from the immediate location. Both the candle lights and products with DEET can be quickly bought and kept for those occasions when you might require them.

Get rid of mosquito’s and give yourself and your family a safe environment to live in.

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