Obesity and Weight Loss


Being fat, overweight and obese are issues that trouble people on various levels across the world. Some feel that putting on a couple of pounds make them fat while some people put on 20 or 50 pounds and don’t think too much about it. There are many risks that a person can face when they are overweight. We are not referring to putting on a pound or two but when a person is obese or seriously overweight.


Many people would wonder what obesity is, and will not really have much of anyjhtgrfe idea of the actual threshold which classes one as obese. The primary factor would be your Body Mass Index (BMI). For some weighing, 150 pounds may be reasonable while for others it may be that they are obese. So this begs the question of how the BMI is calculated.

How to Calculate Your BMI

The Body Mass Index is calculated based on height, weight, and age. If you compare someone who is 50 years old with someone who is 20 years old, their BMI should not be the same. There is, however, some discrepancy among experts that this calculation of BMI does not take into account the bone density, however, as a rough guide we can use this calculation to ensure you stay in the right range.

How to reduce weight

There are many ways that one can attempt to lose weight. There is exercise, dieting and taking supplements. If you want to know the garcinia cambogia precio, you can check with reputable suppliers.

Let us explore further these three methods of losing weight


This is, in fact, the best methods for one to lose weight. It promotes the metabolism of the body to work better and burn calories. It is also healthy and will make you fit and strong. If you want to start an exercise regimen, talk with your gyms physical fitness coach and ask for advice,


Following diets have become popular among many people these days. While there are some good diet programs out there that will show you good results, there are some that are too extreme and may cause your body to go into defense mode, and you will feel weak. Always consult a dietitian or doctor before you start a diet.


Taking weight loss supplements is becoming increasingly popular as it only requires taking a pill a couple of times a day. Due to its convenience weight loss pills are offered all over the place, especially on the internet. However, you must be careful which one you take. Only use natural weight loss supplements from reputable suppliers.

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