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Different Types of Braces


Braces are materials that are used to replace teeth defects whenever they have a problem. There are different types of braces which range from materials, look and their location on the teeth. The braces are usually placed on the surface of the teeth so that they can appear in the same direction or same order. These devices can be used on their own or with other appliances to solve the defaults of the teeth and widen the jaws or shaping the teeth.

Due to advancement in technology, we have a wide range of dental braces which have been invented to outdo the traditional ones. This gives you multiple choices where you decide the best type depending on your needs. Also, Dr. Bobbi Peterson can help to explain to you the different types of braces. Some of these types of braces are as follows.

Ceramic Braces

iuytresdfcghjkThese are the most expensive type of braces. They are made of glass with high technology hence making it costly compared to other types of braces. They are designed to be very strong preparing them to be capable of resisting stains. Though there are some types of stains that they cannot resist such as that for smoke, curry, and smoke. Also, this type is familiar with those people who are conscious of aesthetics, so they cannot be noticed quickly. Ceramic braces are also compatible with the natural color of the teeth.

Damon Braces

These types of braces are one of the most recent. They are very clear; they are transparent like water. They are the most comfortable ones to use by the patient. This type consists of a wire which slides through the gaps of the brace brackets to reduce friction.

Sapphire brand braces

These types of braces are made from pure monocrystalline sapphire. They are the extreme type with a translucent look. They are designed to sustain stains except for smoke and food. They are very comfortable to use since they can easily blend in well with the patient’s teeth. Patients with white teeth could prefer this because they are unnoticeable. They are very expensive too.

Invisalign Bracesopiuytredsxfcghj

This types of braces are most recommended for people with minimal malocclusions. They are made up of plastic materials which do not stain quickly and are also invisible. They are very expensive, and replacement is quite hefty to pay. These are the most preferable currently because they are detachable. The primary limitation for invisalign braces is, they are only used for minor orthodontic problems.