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Is it worth sleeping without a pillow?


How we sleep is a preference for each individual. But when it comes to your health, you should do everything to keep it on the check. I know you cannot imagine sleeping without a pillow but believe me this is a possibility you can be open to.

The Sleep Advisor team believes that sleeping without a pillow can hurt your neck. There is so much you can gain allowing your neck to rest on a level platform. For those who want to let go the pillow habit, here are some of the benefits that could hasten your decision:

A relief to your neck and spine

With a pillow, your neck is raised, and your spine will be strained the entire night. Naturally, your neck and spine should be in a straight line. A raised neck and pressure on your spine will take away this easy resting spot. The consequences for this will be endless neck and spine pain. Do away with your pillow and hand back your neck and spine the chance to rest in a natural position. You will love the results that come with such a decision.


You will get more comfort and be well-rested in the morning

Without a pillow, you will have the best way to rest your entire body. No more turning and tossing around trying to find a perfect resting spot. You will sleep like a baby and wake more relaxed and with adequate energy to face the new day. That is something everyone needs to get from his or her sleep.

No more blackheads on your face

If you always wake up with painful blackheads on your face, it could be because of a pillow. Your face pores do not get adequate room to breathe, and the results are grease and oil all over your face. But without a pillow, you create a good environment for air circulation. You will be waking up with a spotless face. You may not even need to make up.

Your gradual journey to sleeping without pillows

If for all your life you have slept on a pillow, it will not be easy getting rid of it. You have to take baby steps until you can comfortably sleep without one. Fold a cloth to serve as a pillow. As the days go by, reduce its height. Keep on reducing the folded cloth height until it is almost flat. You can get rid of it as well. Feel how it goes without anything at all around your head and neck area. If it is fine, you just won your way to a night without a pillow. You will be amazed how comfortable it can be sleeping with no pillow at all.



This post believes you should discard your pillow and instead sleep without one. Your neck will have a level spot to rest on. You will no longer strain your spine. All these will guarantee you a good night’s sleep. You will wake up fully relaxed and be ready for yet another day. It does not help to sleep on a pillow when it is causing you endless neck pain and relentless strain on your spine.

Different Types Of Mattresses You Should Know


The mattress is the main part of bed and thus one of the most crucial contributors of peaceful and healthy sleep. Over the years researchers and manufacturers have done a lot to improve on mattress quality. According to experts, one ought to take some time and review for the bets instead of buying in haste. As a matter of fact, the site provides the most updated reviews of the best mattresses as well as other bedding. Here, in this article, we are going to highlight the common types of mattress in the market today,

Common types of mattresses

Latex mattresses

sdgdgfdgdfgfdgdfgLatex material can either be from natural rubber or the synthetic type. Both provide equal support when used to make mattresses. They also make very nice bouncy effect thus very efficient for heavy people. Most people prefer the natural latex due to its healthy benefits, particularly to allergic people. The material can either be used alone or combined with others to make hybrid mattresses. Its ability to push back to shape is the quality that has made it so popular.

Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam is by far the commonly used mattress material since its invention in the 60s. It can align well with the body and create some helpful warmth all the night. Likewise, it can be used purely or blended with latex to make a hybrid mattress. Most pillow mattress toppers are made of memory foam. It is equally supportive and has numerous health benefits.

Innerspring mattresses

fdgdgdfgfdgfdgSpring mattresses can be found in most homes due to their comfort when one bounces back. They are thick in width to accommodate the strong springs which offer support to the users throughout the night. The top surface can either be made of latex or memory foam depending on the manufacturer. However, the mattresses do not last for long as the springs tend to come off or break with time. When buying this mattress consider one from a reliable manufacturer as the springs can cause a risk if they come off at night.


Finally, other less common mattress types include the water and air based types. The are use either air or water as the base support material and then have other materials on top. These types can be adjusted to suit different preferences of firmness.

From the above list, one can never miss one to suit their needs with a keen consideration.