Wrist wraps for weight lifting – What To Consider


Wrist wraps are useful gears when it comes to lifting heavy weights because they help in enhancing grips as well as reducing strain on the wrist joints. Apart from being used in weight lifting exercises, they can also be used in pull ups, heavy pull downs, deadlifts and rack pulls among other exercises. Choose the best wrist wraps for weight lifting to make your work-out smooth. The primary purpose of using wrist wraps also known as wrist straps for is to protect our forearm from being injured.

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The first thing is to put your hand through the loop and then let the wrap hang between your thumb and the index finger. Now tighten the wrist wrap around your wrists and also to wrap it around the handle of the weight you are about to lift.

After that, tie your wrist together with the handle using the straps and make sure it is loose to maintain good comfort during the exercise. You can adjust by twisting the wrist slightly until you are comfortable enough to start weight lifting.

Before purchasing a pair of wrist wraps consider

The material of the wrist wraps

Quality wrist wraps are made from materials such as cotton, nylon, leather, and suede and they have a loop. They are softer lighter and also durable, and the choice of a particular material is based on the taste of an individual. For instance, leather is softer but slippery being one of its demerits.

Another thing to consider in wrist wraps for weight lifting is that some of them are padded while others are not, and your wrist determines which type to choose. The pads are from neoprene strips stitched inside on the outer part of the wrist wrap to act as a cushion between the strap and the wrist and is very suitable for people with small wrists.


Wrist wraps come in different sizes regarding length and width, and the standard size is 20 or 24 inches in length and 1.5 inches in width. You can cover them at a convenient length to provide maximum comfort during the exercise.


Although it is advisable to choose a pair of wrist wraps that suits your budget, it is also paramount to ditch all the cheap brands since they are made from low-quality materials. This poses a significant risk since they can bunch up during the activity and cause injury as well as discomfort on your wrists.

Wrist wraps for weight lifting are imperative but should not be used all through the activity. This is because they can result in muscular imbalance as well as the ability to grip even the lightest weights.

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